Getting Rooted

This is a short story that has been created for children who may be feeling a little bit nervous about coming to therapy. The purpose is to give the child an idea about what it will be like and open up the discussion with caregiver about questions the child might have.

HEllo! My Name is Jamie!

Soon you and your parent are going to come to my office! Grownups call this “therapy” or “counseling”. It is not like the appointments you usually go to. There are no shots, no scrubbing teeth and no need to hold still! In therapy we will get to play games, make crafts, read books and my favorite – TALK about whatever you need to! Therapy is where we come when families and kids need to work on feelings like anger, fear or sadness. Sometimes we talk about scary things that might have happened to you in the past, big changes that are happening in your life and other times we talk to parents about how to be better adults. Going new places and meeting new people makes some kids nervous. This short story is for you to be able to see what it will be like to help you feel more comfortable when it is our time to meet.

First, you are going to park in the parking lot of this building that looks like a castle!! Do you see the steeples on the top? I wonder if a princess lives here or if we will have to slay any dragons to get inside…

When you get inside, you and your parent will find where the elevator is and push #5. This means that you will be going to the fifth floor! Do you like riding in an elevator? What does it make your stomach feel like?

Once you are on the fifth floor you are going to look for a door to an office that has the numbers 5-5-0 on it. This is the sign that you made it to your therapist’s office – her name is Jamie.

Once you open the door there will be a small waiting room with some chairs to sit in and some things to do while you wait. You can choose to color from a coloring book or wait patiently and quietly for your turn.

After a few minutes, Jamie will come out the door and greet you and your parent! 


Your parent and Jamie will talk about some of the really great things that happened and some of the hard parts of the week. Sometimes this talking part gets boring for kids so we will work on being patient together.


Once the adults are done talking, you get to come into the office where you and Jamie will play, create and have fun! This is the therapy part. You and Jamie will talk about the kinds of stuff – the great times and the hard times. You will get to do this for about 45 minutes. Afterwards you and Jamie will finish the appointment and then go back with your adult. When the session is done you and Jamie let your parent know what you did and they will schedule a new time for you to come back to play.

Do you think this will be okay? Do you have any questions?


I can’t wait to see you soon!